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Black River Precision is located in Bentonia, MS. It is the home of the “Pure Poison” Custom Turkey Gun.

How to Order

Step One

The options and personal needs of each hunter vary tremendously.  The first step is a phone call to my shop:  662-897-3006.  During that conversation, we can discuss your unique needs around optics (or not), gauge, hunting style, even your age and camo preferences.

Once we get those details worked out, I will begin the process of customizing a hunting gun just for you.  I will ask for a deposit to get things going and give you an idea of the delivery date.  Yes, I have a long list of work in progress but I'm just like you...I want my gun as soon as possible.  However, the detailed metal work, fine-tuning, and cosmetic details take time and frankly I don't hurry these guns.  I want them right when they leave BRP's shop.  I personally shoot and pattern EVERY gun myself.  Regardless, I don't dawdle either.  

Wait Time?  I will clarify that when we talk.  See the page for making an "appointment" below.  I am not that hard to get up with but like everyone there are better times to talk than others.  For your convenience, you might try setting up a time on that form so we can have a long discussion and swap some hunting stories too.

Give me a call and we can get started on the gun of a lifetime!


About Vic


Vic Coffman - Owner and Chief Smith

I began my turkey hunting career at age 10 following my father, Martin Coffman, around the swamps of Southwest Alabama. My love for hunting the wild turkey grew as years passed. Eventually, I became a weapons armorer learning all technical aspects of many different firearms. My love for turkey hunting and firearms lead to the establishment of  Black River Precision in 2015, a Class II Licensed Firearms Manufacturer. This combination ultimately lead to the development of the “Pure Poison” Custom Turkey Gun made for the serious turkey hunter. 


Why Purchase a Custom Firearm?

A true "custom" firearm costs $8,000 and up! What I'm talking about is a custom individualistic purpose-built shotgun designed for your specific needs. This means it is built for a specific game bird and equipped with traits that improve your chance of success while hunting. That's it. So, what does such a shotgun provide?

1. Reliability:  Really, that's what it's all about. Triggers, extractors, bolts, even magazine springs all function correctly every time. I can think of few things worse than traveling to a distant area to hunt only to have your  “ol' trusty scattergun“ fail miles from a gunsmith. 

2. Accuracy:  Of course, rifles are tweaked for maximum accuracy but shotguns especially those special ones designed for turkey hunting require optimal accuracy too. This is especially true with the newer tight  choke systems and the modern TSS cartridges.  

3.Sighting System:  From the good ol‘ bead to Ghost Rings to a variety of optical sighting systems, each hunter has preferences and comfort levels. To achieve optimal accuracy, the right sight has to be coupled with the shooter's skills, the load, the choke tube, and even the action type.

4. Gauge:  From youngsters to small adults to big ol‘ boys, recoil tolerance varies. The problem arises when one needs all the qualities of a great gun such as a turkey gun but in one of the smaller gauges. Production shotguns usually are not available in the perfect gauge along with the specific requirements for that purpose-built weapon.

5. Testing:  Your shotgun will be tested and "proofed" by me. I will test various choke devices, shotshell brands, shot size, and load weights  to eventually combine those components maximizing the chance for success AND allowing one to make that challenging shot or even overcoming a slight error in aiming.

6. Pride:   Come on. It's part of the deal! Having something unique and "special" built just for you is part of the rationale. It's OK to want this. When you pull it out at your hunting lodge, it says "I'm not new at this and I'm serious."

7. Economy:  Yep, that's right. Let's say you contract with an experienced gunsmith who builds purpose built shotguns such as a turkey guns.  It costs $2500! Wow! But, it lasts 25 years & you hunt just 15 mornings each spring with the gun. That's about $6.50/ hunt. Gotta be worth that.


Our Motto

My motto is simple. I build each gun one at a time with the hunter in mind. I will deliver a functional, reliable, accurate, and good looking firearm to meet your needs. Ultimately, leading to success and that picture of that big gobbler on your tailgate. 

I will not leave you hanging. I will periodically contact you throughout the build process to provide updates and maybe to just talk hunting! I value my personal relationship with each customer and work very closely with them. 

All major Credit Cards accepted and require a 3% charge. Prices subject to change without notice.

Custom Centerfire Rifles

All major Credit Cards accepted and require a 3% charge. Prices subject to change without notice.

BRP Swag

All major Credit Cards accepted and require a 3% charge. Prices subject to change without notice.


Black River Precision is also a  Class II Manufacture of NFA items such as suppressors, 

short barreled shotguns, and short barreled rifles. We will be glad to walk you through the process of legal ownership of these items. NFA transfers are 125.00. 

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